Saturday, December 27, 2014

Typical Saturday Night

No, no parties were involved. Trust me.

This is the hilarity of my life.

Currently I live in an apartment with my Dad. It's a bit small with two of us in there, but we're making due. I'm looking for a stable job and as soon as I find one, I'm looking to move closer to the Capital of NY, Albany.

Dad went over to a friend's for a movie, as he usually does on Saturday nights. When he left I was sitting on the couch looking for an apartment (of my own, hallelujah!) on my laptop. I found a bunch and bookmarked them all. I'm bored. Now what? I realized how many water bottles were piling up in my car, and so I went out to return them. I made all of 90 cents. Then, I wandered around the Mall, but didn't buy anything (90 cents doesn't get you very far these days...). So, I went home.

You know I'm bored when I go for a run...
I had to take a selfie to 
prove that it actually happened...
 That's right, I ran.

And then I went home and wheezed for 10 minutes, and then I photoshopped some pictures of me and had a great conversation with some friends on Twitter...

I'd like to bet that my 70 year old father had more fun on a Saturday night than his 20 year old daughter. #NotFair

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