Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I've Been Sucked In

I have officially caved in.

Pinterest. Oh my gosh. Pinterest.

I always thought it was the dumbest thing. I never got into it. All I heard about it was girls going nuts trying to "plan" weddings, outfits, and a month's worth of meals on this goofy website. I somewhat accidentally made an account and a couple of boards the other day. I clearly didn't know what I got myself into.

I'm probably addicted.

I've been in Al-Anon before. Do they have a Pin-Anon anywhere? Can we start a Family Group? Please.

I've used it multiple times in the past three days, Pinning pictures of hair styles, food, outfits, and stuff for my apartment that I'm dreaming of in Albany... I even found a really cute DIY craft that I'm planning on doing soon...

Last night I planned to go shopping today, so I went to Pinterest and looked at a bunch of really cute outfits that I wanted to remake. Wow were my expectations high. I came home with a pair of nearly-knee-high brown boots, a couple of cardigans, camis, and some shirts. Now I'm trying to sift through Pinterest to find a way to fit them together.

I realize that Pinterest is just a way for me to pretend like I can actually do these things, pull them off, and look good while doing so. I know, in reality, that will never happen. I'm not that great a cook, my art skills are zero, and honestly, it can take a lot to make me look good in most of the clothes featured on Pinterest. But when I'm Pinning things to my board, I can dream. I can think, wow, I might look good in that. I might be able to pull that off... Even if I never get around to finding the components to an outfit, I can dream about rocking a sweater over a buttondown without looking frumpy (I found a way to lessen the bulge by wearing a cami between layers!). I can dream of making a perfect and healthy salad with a million things you didn't know could be combined into something edible. I can dream that my apartment will look like all these photos, even though I know that my lack of organization skills and decorating abilities will never let me come close to the perfect white-washed living room.

A girl can dream.

Pin on, my friends.

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  1. I came to the Pinterest craze late, too. I've found it to be an exceptional tool for organizing my projects to do with my kids and also for finding Catholic resources. It's been life changing, and I manage not to waste a bunch of time on it. I even have some secret boards with projects we are actually doing on the house.

    There is a big Catholic presence there with group boards. I'll follow you. If you are interested, look through my boards and you will see a bunch of group boards you can get involved with.

    Happy Pinning!

  2. So much Catholic stuff on pinterest! And facebook :)