Saturday, June 27, 2015

A hilarious short story...

On I87 heading back from an audit in Port Henry tonight, I was going just a bit faster than a beat-up convertible just ahead of me. Inside the convertible were two young men, about my age. I went to pass them (on the left, of course), and just as I tied with them, they floored it and sped up a couple hundred feet, then went back down to the speed they had before. This happened a couple times, and I could tell they were just having some fun with me. So I decided to have some fun too (safely!).

They got off the Interstate at the North end of the Lake George Village, and I followed them. We ended up on Route 9 South, alone, side by side at a red light. We both accelerated when it turned green, and as we arrived at a decent speed, I slammed on my brakes so they shot up ahead of me. We both exchanged a thumbs-up and a laugh and continued driving down Rte 9 (like normal people this time).

At another red light, I was behind them, and a cop was behind me. After the light turned green, I moved over because it seemed the cop wanted to get past me to go somewhere else... And as soon as I moved over, he sped up and flicked on his lights to pull the guys in the convertible over! HAHA!! One last wave to them as they pulled to the side of the road and I was off.

Have a good night, guys. Thanks for the fun!! ;)

beep beep

Friday, June 26, 2015

Oves et Hædis...

It's a sad day.

It's a sad day when a "debate" breaks out among "Catholics" in the comments under their Bishop's statement on Facebook about the SCOTUS decision.

The following is a statement of Albany Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger regarding today's U.S. Supreme Court decision on...
Posted by Diocese of Albany on Friday, June 26, 2015

It's a sad day when people use the word "love," and the image of God's promise, as weapons against Him. It's even sadder when these people are people that consider themselves to be Catholics.

Jesus did not change His stance on certain subjects, even when people left Him when He preached them, the Real Presence being the one that comes to my mind first (see John 6:54-69). Jesus saw that people left His side because the teaching was "hard." Jesus wasn't about to compromise the Truth for popularity. He wasn't about to run after those that left in order to apologize for having offended them, and retract his previous statement. The Gospel from this past Sunday (EF) was about the rejoicing in Heaven over the 1 repentant sinner. Why didn't Jesus chase after those people that left him? He knew that they wouldn't accept Him and His teaching. He pursues us, always with a loving heart, but He is God, and God does not change. We are the ones that need a change, a change of heart, a change toward God.

My disappointment today does not originate from the decision arrived by the Supreme Court. I honestly wasn't surprised by their choice to make gay "marriage" legal in all 50 States today. This doesn't worry me. I knew it was coming all along. Remember, we are not of this world. However, my worry and disappointment stem from the reactions of those around me. Again, I knew, for the most part, who would rejoice and who would recoil at the announcement. But what saddened my heart was seeing so many Catholics and other Christians rejoicing over this decision.

We all know that Satan has been triumphed over. We know that in the end, God will win the battle. He's God after all. But that doesn't mean that Satan won't try to win.

His largest victories are those of Catholics. He already has claimed souls of non-Catholics. They're already on his side, ultimately. But it is the soul of a devout Catholic that he wishes to conquer the most. Not only to spite God, but to bring other souls with it. This is why great Saints such as Padre Pio were troubled by demons relentlessly. Sadly, Satan has made some victories in this. Priests, Religious, and laity alike are being misinformed by each other, and are falling for the idea that homosexuals can get "married," that it's a "right," and what's worse, that Jesus Himself would support this because it seems to be the "loving and charitable" thing to do.

The saddest part by far of this is the amount of Catholics, no, wait, "catholics," that agree with SCOTUS' decision, that gay "marriage" should be available. 

Pruning time is drawing neigh. God will separate the sheep from the goats. The Church and its true adherents are dwindling, but that is how God knew it would pan out in the end. May God give us the strength to persevere in the Truth, and to spread God's Truth to those around us.

Satan's win wasn't in that the Supreme Court made this legal. His win was far before that. His win was in convincing us that God was wrong. That's how this all started, and it's been like it ever since.... 

"In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph..." - Our Lady of Fatima

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

iPhone 6 Plus!


Since spring of 2013, I had an iPhone 4S. I really loved iOS and I really loved how it worked. As with everyone, the updates shook me, but were ultimately easy to get used to. When I came back from the Convent, I got the same phone back (Dad hadn't sold it or given it away yet). It was sturdy and did what I needed it to. It was trusty through audits and using it as a GPS.

But in May (May 3rd to be exact!), I took the plunge. I got an iPhone 6 Plus!! I LOVE it!

Quite the transition...

This decision wasn't made in a day. I thought about it for at least a month, watching YouTube videos and reading blog reviews comparing the 6 and it's larger counterpart the 6 Plus, trying to decide which would be a better fit for me. I visited the wireless store multiple times, trying to see if a Plus would fit in my back pocket, how big it felt in my hands, and if I thought I would enjoy using it. In the end, I decided that if I settled for the 6, I would regret my choice and wish that I had gotten the Plus.

I couldn't be happier with my decision!

My favorite features are the LTE capabilities, the camera, and TouchID, among others.

But the SIZE!

My biggest worry about getting the 6 Plus was the size. Would it fit in my back pocket? How would it feel in my hands? Would it be hard to access the entirety of the screen? I must say that although it felt huge at first, it feels just right now, and I'm so glad I got the bigger of the two 6s. (Yes, the phone fits in my back pocket!) I have hands of average size, and I find that the phone feels large sometimes, but not bulky by any means.

My favorite thing about it though is it's size. It's perfect. It's so thin, and the screen is such a great size. I do find myself being lazy lately and not wanting to reach my hand to access the top of the screen, so Reachability has been a favorite feature of mine lately.  Reachability lowers the display halfway down the screen temporarily for easy access when you double-touch the home button. I find this capability to be useful, but strangely implemented. It works great and is a fantastic feature, but at the same time it looks strange on screen. I can't think of a way to implement it in a way that doesn't look strange, but perhaps it just will take some time to get used to. Can't have everything...

Screenshot of reachability 
on my calendar 

I love TouchID! It's super easy to open my phone, and I can create prints for people who I want to have this access to my phone! Also, it can be used in other apps to protect privacy, as well as to authorize purchases and updates. I really love this feature!   I will say, though, that sometimes it malfunctions and doesn't read my print, like if my hands are wet or sweaty, or if my phone hasn't been rebooted in a long time. Even in those circumstances, I am able to type in my numerical password and gain access to my phone and its functions.

It's pretty funny now. When I had the 4S, the 5 felt large in my hands. But now that I'm accustomed to the 6Plus, everything feels small!! My 4S feels so rinky-dink that I wonder how I lived with it for so long! The whole phone fits in the borders of the 6Plus' screen!! 

Overall, I just wanted to encourage anyone who is debating getting the 6Plus. I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for a 6 for anything!!