Tuesday, June 23, 2015

iPhone 6 Plus!


Since spring of 2013, I had an iPhone 4S. I really loved iOS and I really loved how it worked. As with everyone, the updates shook me, but were ultimately easy to get used to. When I came back from the Convent, I got the same phone back (Dad hadn't sold it or given it away yet). It was sturdy and did what I needed it to. It was trusty through audits and using it as a GPS.

But in May (May 3rd to be exact!), I took the plunge. I got an iPhone 6 Plus!! I LOVE it!

Quite the transition...

This decision wasn't made in a day. I thought about it for at least a month, watching YouTube videos and reading blog reviews comparing the 6 and it's larger counterpart the 6 Plus, trying to decide which would be a better fit for me. I visited the wireless store multiple times, trying to see if a Plus would fit in my back pocket, how big it felt in my hands, and if I thought I would enjoy using it. In the end, I decided that if I settled for the 6, I would regret my choice and wish that I had gotten the Plus.

I couldn't be happier with my decision!

My favorite features are the LTE capabilities, the camera, and TouchID, among others.

But the SIZE!

My biggest worry about getting the 6 Plus was the size. Would it fit in my back pocket? How would it feel in my hands? Would it be hard to access the entirety of the screen? I must say that although it felt huge at first, it feels just right now, and I'm so glad I got the bigger of the two 6s. (Yes, the phone fits in my back pocket!) I have hands of average size, and I find that the phone feels large sometimes, but not bulky by any means.

My favorite thing about it though is it's size. It's perfect. It's so thin, and the screen is such a great size. I do find myself being lazy lately and not wanting to reach my hand to access the top of the screen, so Reachability has been a favorite feature of mine lately.  Reachability lowers the display halfway down the screen temporarily for easy access when you double-touch the home button. I find this capability to be useful, but strangely implemented. It works great and is a fantastic feature, but at the same time it looks strange on screen. I can't think of a way to implement it in a way that doesn't look strange, but perhaps it just will take some time to get used to. Can't have everything...

Screenshot of reachability 
on my calendar 

I love TouchID! It's super easy to open my phone, and I can create prints for people who I want to have this access to my phone! Also, it can be used in other apps to protect privacy, as well as to authorize purchases and updates. I really love this feature!   I will say, though, that sometimes it malfunctions and doesn't read my print, like if my hands are wet or sweaty, or if my phone hasn't been rebooted in a long time. Even in those circumstances, I am able to type in my numerical password and gain access to my phone and its functions.

It's pretty funny now. When I had the 4S, the 5 felt large in my hands. But now that I'm accustomed to the 6Plus, everything feels small!! My 4S feels so rinky-dink that I wonder how I lived with it for so long! The whole phone fits in the borders of the 6Plus' screen!! 

Overall, I just wanted to encourage anyone who is debating getting the 6Plus. I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for a 6 for anything!!

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