Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Frying Adventure

Nearly 1 am Monday morning.   I'm hungry...   I roll off the couch and into the kitchen. The cupboards are empty. Well, not empty. You know the deal. Nothing snack-worthy resides in these cabinets. It's all soup, beans, oatmeal, and canned asparagus (why my father bought asparagus canned, I'll never know). *sigh* I hop online and start googling for good snack ideas. I don't get very far. I spot the gifted cookies that are all over my kitchen.

Fried. Cookies.

You must have heard of fried oreos before. Those yummy hunks of goodness that are often found at fairs but also on occasion with the Counselors at the Slaves' Summer Camp. I looked in my other cupboard and saw that although we didn't have oreos, we had frosted oatmeal cookies. Worth a try.

I gathered some cookies - a frosted oatmeal, a chocolate chip, and a couple pizzelle cookies- and mixed the batter. I used Bisquick without the eggs, for fear that they wouldn't cook thoroughly. I heated up the oil and I was ready to go... (The way to tell that oil is the right temperature is to sprinkle a little water in it. If it bubbles and spits it's ready. If it gushes like a geyser, it's too hot- turn down the heat!)


The procedure:


And thus it proceeded...

First up: Frosted Oatmeal

Chocolate Chip is next


And finally, Pizzelle 


Unfortunately the pizzelle cookie didn't make it out in one piece...

Now that the frying is done, the fun begins!



     PIZZELLE                                                     FROSTED OATMEAL                              CHOCOLATE CHIP

I tried the Pizzelle first. I bit into it. Where's the cookie?! It just tasted like a pancake. Worse than a pancake. My least favorite of the three and I don't recommend it.

Second, I tried the frosted oatmeal. Better, but still a little bland. The frosting taste didn't hold up very well through the process.

Lastly, I tried the chocolate chip. Delish! Out of the three, this is (not surprisingly) the best. Perhaps I'll have to try this again with other things... Any suggestions of things to fry?

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