Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Top 9 Driving Grievances

This post will be a bit of a rant. Hopefully you find it amusing in some sense, or at least can relate a little. Or maybe you'll even realize that you're who I'm writing about, and you'll stop driving like an idiot!

And thus commences my list of things that annoy me while driving:

1)   People who slow down and go ridiculously slow when they pass a cop on the interstate.

Like, you're being ridiculous. If you were going too fast about 10 feet ago, they caught you already. I can just see the cop shaking his head in disgust as people pass him going slower than turtles, and then flooring it as soon as they think they're out of sight. Aye aye aye.

2)   People who ride your bumper instead of passing you.

This goes for on the interstate and on country roads where there's a dotted yellow line. if you want to get ahead so bad, just pass me! No reason to make me nervous! I get that you want to fly by me, but I'm not going to go any faster.

3)   People who don't move over for emergency vehicles.

I've seen a number of methods that people have to avoid stopping or moving over for emergency vehicles, including pulling out in front of them so that they won't get stuck when the light turns red. What irritates me so much is when you're on the interstate (3 lanes, for example), and there's a cop pulled over on the right shoulder, and people in the middle lane don't move over for the people in the right lane to move. Also, when people in the right lane are obstinate and don't move over even though they can.

4)   People who honk at you if you don't accelerate as soon as the light turns green.

I commonly am found waiting one to two seconds after a green light so that I can be sure nobody is going to run the red light perpendicular to me. What is especially frustrating is those people who are in so much of a hurry that they feel the need to lay on the horn if you don't start moving immediately when the light changes to green.

5)   People who leave their blinker on for a mile after they've turned.

There's this one intersection in my hometown that is a Y (a fork, as some people call it). The main route is the road to the right, and it turns slightly off of the main road, but not enough to make people's blinkers shut off automatically. So the end result is a ton of people who leave their blinkers on for a mile, if not more. It's the most frustrating thing ever. Also, when people on the interstate don't turn off their blinker after shifting lanes, and end up looking like they want to take a right turn into the median. Turn it off, stupid. You can't go that way.

6)   And then there's that group of people who don't use their blinker at all.

You know, the type that will chug along with you behind them, and then randomly slam on the brake and make an erratic left turn towards oncoming traffic. You've seen them, and nobody likes them.

7)   Those people who decide it's a good idea to go 30 on the interstate.
... Or just go ridiculously slow anywhere.

I've been stuck behind someone who was going (I kid you not) 30mph on a interstate that has a speed limit of 65. The frustrating part about this (other than the fact that they're going THIRTY!) is that it's highly dangerous. You're driving at 70 (maybe even 75) miles an hour, and you come up quickly on a car that's doing less than half your speed. Factor in any type of weather other than sunshine, and you've got a very dangerous situation, especially in the dark where depth perception can be really difficult. At that difference of speed, you might as well hit a non-moving vehicle going full speed...

8)   Poor Parallel Parkers.

You know them. You're stuck behind one as they back in, pull out, back in, pull out... You try to be courteous and finally you're just like, forget it, and you pass them.

9)   People who blind you.

Like, just turn off the brights! You're making it extremely difficult to see and thus not to hit you. For your benefit and mine, please don't try to burn a hole through my retina.

So that's it for my Top 9 Driving Grievances. I hope you enjoyed reading and were able to relate a little.

And remember, DON'T BE AN IDIOT!

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