Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Late-Night Food Adventure

So once again, I couldn't sleep the other night, so cooking ensued.

Laying in my bed, scrolling through Pinterest (who's surprised), I came across a tantalizingly delicious recipe for cheesy bread. I'm a woman; I love cheese and I love carbs. I went to the kitchen. Alas, no ingredients for cheesy bread. Looking in my closet/pantry, I did see the humongous box of chocolates that the Sisters sent home with me and my father after a visit a number of months ago. Hmmm...

I gathered the ingredients for chocolate covered apples. Documentation below:

1) Slice apples.

I used 2 granny smith apples,

2) Start peeling!

I must've unwrapped about 100 of these little square chocolates. Make sure you break them into smaller pieces to make for quicker and smoother melting...


3)  Melt!

You don't want to just put the chocolate bits into a pan and place it on a stove. The best way to melt chocolate evenly without burning it is a method called "double boiling," where you place a little water in a bottom pot and let it simmer/boil while a pot/pan above it contains the material you wish to melt down. In this case, I started off using the frying pan pictured in the first picture, but found that it would be too difficult to dip the apples in it later, so I transferred the chocolate to a small pot and placed it over the (now clean) pan. The heat from the boiling water below heats up the pan and transfers the heat evenly to the melting chocolate.


N.B. DO NOT add anything to the chocolate!

4) Dip!

Now that the chocolate is evenly melted and no chunks are left, it's time to dip the slices! I speared a fork into one side of the slice and dipped the rest of it in the chocolate to cover as much as possible. Looking back, I probably should have put them on wax paper or something, but whatever...

5)   Cooling

Don't do what I did - don't put them in the freezer. It messes with the texture of the apple, and it just wasn't good. I guess just put them in the fridge instead of the freezer...




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