Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review - Salon 109

When you go somewhere and get amazing service and you're really happy - like, ecstatic! - with the product, you just want to tell everyone. That's part of the beauty of capitalism, I guess. Well, today I left the nail salon feeling like screaming their praises from the top of the Erastus Corning Tower!

I've been applying for jobs since I came back from the Convent in December. I've gotten all of 2 interviews (including today's) from over 20 applications and resumes being sent out. The last interview I had was in January. So last week, I thought it would be nice to do something cool with my nails, so I went to Walgreens and got some new polish and some nails. The result was pretty sweet.

I applied them as pictured, and fell in love. They looked so good, and lots of people were complimenting me! I was so excited that, for once, I had trendy nails that I liked and felt comfortable with.

But alas. I got an interview on (Ash) Wednesday (2/18) in the early evening down in Albany. I looked down at my hands. Too much sparkle to look professional. *sigh* I had to get rid of them all too soon...

After noon Mass, I searched Yelp for a nail salon. The first one I called didn't have a nail tech, and so I kept on searching. I called Salon 109, just 3 blocks from where I was parked. They got me in right away, and I walked over to the adorable studio right on State Street. The studio was extremely clean, and I really liked how it was decorated. I was asked to wait for a moment, and just a few minutes later, Toni came over and took me back to the nail station. I picked out my colors and we started the process.

Toni was extremely thorough, making sure that my results were interview-appropriate, and that I liked what they looked like as well. We were faced with the challenge of the fake nails - keep, or remove. We had a number of options, but we decided that it was best to keep them on so as to not damage the nail underneath. She diligently filed them down to better match the length of my natural nails, and then painted over them, still keeping that odd-ball theme of one nail different from the others. The result is stunning. Not only are this style and color still trendy and chic, but they were totally appropriate for my interview (which went really well, if you were wondering).

Toni and I got to chatting. We talked about a range of things. I'm never really any good at striking up conversation with people I don't know well, but with Toni it was great. She was really personable, and just was really fun to talk to. I honestly feel like I got to know her today, and even left the salon having made a friend!

Overall, I couldn't be happier! The experience as a whole was fantastic! I remember getting in my car and thinking, how much did that cost? I forgot to make a mental note when I paid. And then I shook  my head and said, it doesn't matter because it was amazing! (If you're wondering, she charged me $23, which isn't bad at all!!) Toni was super nice, and made the whole experience easy (I'm a newbie at nail salons. Really.). When I asked her questions about nail stuff (that's about as technical as I can get), she gave me in-depth answers, and was really knowledgeable about her field. I also am really impressed by how dedicated she is to her customers. She helped me into my jacket so I wouldn't mess my nails, and she even pulled my keys out of my jacket pocket so I wouldn't mess my nails trying to do that either. She went the extra mile, and it's little things that truly make a difference. I'm so pleased with the whole experience, and that's why I just have to write a review.


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Salon 109

I hope everyone had a blessed Ash Wednesday!!
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